ARE STEG PEGZ EVIL? Cross Training Enduro vlog #210


From In the old days protestants could beat up catholics, christians could kill muslims in crusades, and there were long arguments about whether buddha could beat jehovah in a street fight. One of the sad things about people becoming less religious is they now like to get all fundamentalist about two strokes versus four strokes, whether you should lube your chain or run it dry, and which brand of axle grease will turn into an enduro superstar. See our Steg Pegz review for more info.

Viewers will know I love Steg Pegz and rave about them, but every week a few guys tell me these are the tools of Satan and I will probably burn in everlasting fire because I use them. Which is fine, as I suspect my inability to go past the balance point during wheelies has sealed my fate already.

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So are Steg Pegz evil? They might be quasi evil. Maybe. But first if you don’t know what they are, Steg Pegz make it much easier to grip your enduro beast with your legs. The result? Less arm pump, upper body fatigue and more secure body positioning and less strain on your fingers. Which all means you can stand on the footpegs much longer and control your bike better with Steg Pegz. But what about downhill runs? You simply stop gripping the bike and let your boots slide past. Easy peasy.

So what is the problem with Steg Pegz? Well a lot of guys say you should just learn to grip the bike without supports and develop good upper body strength. And this is true. I’m a firm believer in working on good technique first, then resort to bling if it’s not working out.

So try gripping the bike with your legs to take the pressure off your upper body. If you are short, you may find you can grip the seat with your knees which will give you very good leverage. For us tall freaks, it gets harder. We need to try and grip the bike more with our calves. Some guys report success by turning their toes in.

Now this leg gripping business will work well for many. But as mentioned we tall streaks can find it difficult. It can also vary from bike to bike – some bikes have lumps and bumps that are very easy to push your boots into, others are very slim and offer very little grip. This is where Steg Pegz helps.

Tall riders can fit a taller seat and also with some extra width which can make things a lot better. Other riders stick rubber strips or other grippy materials to their side panels to make leg grip easier.

Remember too that it simply takes fitness to grip the bike for hours on end, and many of us weekend warriors simply aren’t that fit and are also getting old. I found that after turning 50 things like carpal tunnel, arm pump and the early signs of arthritis meant I will now fit Steg Pegz to every bike I own.

So my personal take is try good technique first but if that doesn’t cut the mustard then give the Steg Pegz a try. In my experience the majority of guys love them and never go back. See our Steg Pegz review for more info.